Perfect for the smaller gathering, close-up magic is performed table side or in the hands of your guests. It gives the audience the opportunity to enjoy an individual interactive experience from a distance they feel comfortable with. There is no opportunity for camera tricks, mirrors or trap doors.

There are many different times to use close-up magic enhance an event, let's go through some of the more frequent occasions.


Entertainment that will make your day unforgettable !

Your wedding reception is very important to you. It is the culmination of months of hard work and planning; and will be a day you remember for the rest of your lives. For this reason you want it to be perfect not only for you but for your guests.
For your guests it will be a time to celebrate your marriage and meet new people for the first time, as your guest list will include bride’s family, groom’s family, personal friends and work colleagues.

Why Use a Wedding Magician

The perfect icebreaker
Helps to fill slower moments of the day
Requires nothing more than your guests attention
Will fit your chosen venue
Can work inside or out
Completely flexible, Mark will only take one booking per day so over running is not a problem

Popular times to use wedding magic

While guests arrive for the reception and during the photos

This can be a busy time for the bride and groom; but for your guests who may only be involved in one or two photos, there can be a lot of waiting. Mark mingles unobtrusively with your guests, breaking the ice and drawing them together. He performs interactive magic just inches away and even in their hands giving your guests a magical experience as close as they could possibly be, or from a distance, whichever they feel more comfortable with.

During the wedding breakfast

This happens at the table between courses and before the speeches. Each table will have the opportunity to see a 10-15 minute performance. This will ensure that all your guests will see some magic as the tables create individual audiences in a comfortable environment to watch the entertainment. It also brings an air of anticipation to the breakfast as Mark moves from table to table creating gasps, cheers, applause and laughter. You will hear your guests enjoy your wedding. Mark also performs a special show for the top table leaving the bride and groom with a unique souvenir of the occasion.

As the evening guests arrive to join the party

Once the wedding breakfast and speeches have finished – as guests relax after the meal – before the evening entertainment begins. This is also the time your evening guests will start to arrive and as they do will find themselves joining a group of people who have three things in common. They have been together for the day, now know each other and have the ceremony and speeches to talk about. Mark will again at this point become an icebreaker making the new guests feel welcome and introducing them to your day guests
Of course these are not the only times your guests can be entertained during your special day, so please feel free to discuss  your ideas and specific requirements with Mark.


If you are looking for entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere such as a house party, shop opening, reunion or family get together, then mix and mingle is perfect. Mark mixes throughout the venue performing for individuals through to large groups at a distance they feel comfortable with.


Adding a little magic to your gala evening helps to relax fellow guests whilst meeting for the first time at the table. It gives them a joint experience and common topic of conversation. For charity events it can help keep the room engaged and happy, meaning pledges and money raised is increased.

There are three opportunities to use a magician
during a banquet evening

At the drinks reception

Magic provides the perfect ice breaker for guests arriving for pre dinner drinks. For those who do not know many people it provides a topic of conversation.

During the meal

The magic is performed at the table between courses. Each table watches a unique performance. Each person is brought into the act in an unobtrusive way creating a stunning climax which will keep your guests talking for the rest of the evening, as they strive to understand what they have witnessed. Performances will not take place while hot food is at the table.

After dinner cabaret

Once dinner has drawn to an end, it’s party time. If you are not having a disco or band, or would like a little extra that will keep your range of guests entertained, then an interactive cabaret could be what you are looking for. Check out Mark’s Cabaret Page for more information.

For larger functions more than one magician is required to ensure that during the evening every guest has the chance to see a performance. Depending on time available, one magician per eight tables is recommended. Check out Mark’s Table Magicians page for more information.