Table Magicians





“As always your team went down really well.  I know within my team we were once again amazed by the performances.”


Having a magician at a function creates an ice breaker, a talking point, it gives your guests an experience to savour at the table before the evening moves into the auction, cabaret or music.

However, bigger events, require the magician to visit more tables and therefore the less time to perform at each table. 

That’s why if there are more than 10 tables a second magician is a great idea. Sometimes a team of magicians is required to work grand scale functions.


 Let’s do the maths . . . 

Dinner is usually three courses over a 90 minute period. (It will often take longer because between each course there are games played, house keeping, speeches, explanation of the silent auction, a chance to raise money for the charity, or even a cabaret spot.)

Of that 90 minutes guests will generally be eating for 30 minutes.


This could be extended by performing while guests are still eating, however, I will not do this unless it’s absolutely necessary. The food should be enjoyed as chef would want it. Hot and uninterrupted. The menu will never say 

Filet Mignon with Rich Balsamic Glaze, crushed potatoes, asparagus and a card trick!!

Allowing guests to enjoy the food is a very important part of the evening.


We are now left with 60 minutes for the magician to perform at every table. 

Ten tables gives the magician six minutes at each table, assuming there is no waiting for guests to return to the table from the bathroom, a cigarette run or from chatting to another table.

By having more than one performer the magician  has longer to engage the table, leaving your guests with lasting memories of a truly magical experience.



As a recommendation one magician for every eight tables is a great start point. However, more magicians = more magic at each table. 


 Mark has an elite team of top class magicians he can call on to meet the numbers required of your function. He also has a hand picked team of wonderful non offensive caricaturists and silhouette cutters for something a little different, which also gives guests something physical memory to take home. 



For something more unique, Mark has also organised tarot card readers, belly dancers, musicians, mime artists, jugglers and fire artists in the past and would happily accept the challenge of organising whatever takes your fancy.



Often it is easier to talk through your requirements for a larger function, so if you fill in the form below, Mark will be happy to call when it is convenient for you to talk through how he can help make your event unforgettable.