53 Films


This is Mark’s third deck of cards produced from his paintings. Each of the 53 cards depicts an iconic movie costume from a famous film.

Painted in Acrylic, 20 x 25cm in size, the work was completed over a four month period while at sea on board various cruise ships.

The paintings were scanned at high resolution and transformed into the deck of cards.

The one way face design allows for larger figures and the indices were created from Mark’s handwriting. 

Each deck contains 56 cards.

52 playing cards in a standard deck

Two Jokers, one colour and one Black and White.

Two Information Cards naming the movies in which the costumes appear.


Below are a sample of the cards in the deck

These cards are currently unavailable, but will be in stock in the new year.


Available Now!!!

These are high quality cards and when folded measure 115mm x 150mm (A6)
They are printed on Ensocoat 265gsm stock, which has a beautiful silk finish. 
They are blank inside allowing for your personalised message.
Each card comes with a Christmasy red envelope.


Pack of 4

£1.60    UK only

40p per card

Postage only £1.00 regardless of quantity!!



Pack of 4

£3.40   inc. p&p UK only

90p per card



Pack of 12

£9.00   inc p&p UK only

75p per card



Pack of 20

£12.00   inc p&p UK only

60p per card



Pack of 40

£20.00   inc. p&p UK only

50p per card