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Mark studied art and design at both school, sixth form and university, he will openly admit he was not the best, in fact struggled with most mediums. However, he recently uncovered some of my old work from both foundation course and college and thought it would be fun to show where he came from.

Foundation Course

Still Life
Coke Can
Pritt Stick Photography Project

HND Course

Having made a career as a professional magician Mark started performing on cruise ships. There is a lot of spare time on ships, people have often said you either find a new skill or drink! Mark decided to resurrect his artistic background and joined an art class for the two week cruise. 
Although these are not the greatest he had found the art bug, I just needed to find a medium he was happy to work in. 
Next came a few watercolour classes.
Still not great, however, working on his own continuing outside of class hours he started to create a cleaner style he liked.
This was beginning to work. The realisation that watercolours do not stay where they are put helped Mark to understand in order to keep his ridiculously neat art he would have to change to a medium that stayed put. Acrylic was the next choice.
With this the first big project, to paint the 52 playing cards. To paint what he thought of when the card was mentioned. To start the project was very literal, but as Mark worked his way through the 52 canvases, they became more abstract and took on the characteristics of real world forms and styles.
Having included the joker, Mark completed the first project in what was to become the 53 Series. The canvases were connected to create a striking art installation.
Looking closer there are three extra panels at the bottom right. The two rabbits were painted to be included in the deck of cards that was produced from this project. The 53 was done for no other reason than to make the installation symmetrical. 
From these pieces of art Mark created a deck of cards called ’53 – A Collection of Art’ It was a limited run of 100 decks and had a 100 deck reprint in 2019.
Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 17.06.35

53 - A Collection of Art

This is the deck of cards produced from the playing card artwork.
Mark now started on a second project ’53 Magicians’ this was to be a deck of cards showing 53 magicians who are recognisable by either their costume or signature trick. This deck was created more for the magician, who would recognise most of the magicians, who although being famous in the world of entertainment, are less well known to the general public.
Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 17.07.21

53 Magicians

This is the deck of cards produced from the playing card artwork.
The third project was ’53 Films’ very similar to the magicians project, but this time more for the general public, featuring iconic film and movie costume.
Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 11.49.24

53 Films

This is the deck of cards produced from the playing card artwork.