Since March 24th 2020 the UK has been in lockdown because of Corvid 19. As this has been rather terminal to my entertainment career, I decided to challenge myself by asking people for suggestions of what to draw. So the ‘Lockdown Art  Challenge’ was born. First broadcast on the 23rd March, I asked for art topics. I then spent that day creating before unveiling my creation the next day. below is everything I have created on the show.

Day 1

As this was the first broadcast it was used as an explanation for the premise of the show, therefore nothing was created. My topic given was ‘the sail into Venice’

Day 2

Day 3

Music Man

Day 4

13 Timelords
Thrud the Barbarian
Vent Puppets

Day 5

Day 6

This was the first day of the second week. Over the weekend I had decided to take on a different challenge. The Bake Off Challenge! Given a kettle as a subject my wife and I would create a cake in the shape of a kettle! This turned out to be far more difficult than we had expected! Especially when it turned out we had limited resources and equipment.

Day 7

Self Portrait in Lockdown
Timmy Taylor

Day 8

The Chicken Project
Blackadder Dynasties
70's and 80's Kids TV

Day 9

Chicken Project Download
Hammer Time
Fork Candles
Tropical Fish Installation

Day 10

NHS Thursday 2
The Four Horsemen
Wrong Idea
Pushing Through
Impossible Object
Bake Off Challenge Week 2, A Biscuit Chess Set
In Honour of Honour
Two Monkey's in a Bath
Isolation of the Imagination
Two Fish in a Tank
Welsh Dragon
NHS Hero Sketch
Duelling Magicians
NHS Hero
Hot Cross Bunnies
Two Penguins on an Iceberg
Painted for the Good Friday Service at St. Margarets Church, Rainham
Good Friday
Missed Show
In Memory
Bake Off Challenge Week 3, A Gingerbread House of Cards.
We forgot to take photos before the testing, so the top part of the house is made of alternate biscuits not used in the actual challenge.
Good Idea
Easter Bonnet
Never Forgotten
Multi Tasking
TV Chefs
NHS Thursday 4
Bird who's Swallowed a Plate
Halway to Heaven
The result of a new feature on the show, The weekly Compilation. It is created from all the ideas received I did not use during the weeks speed draws.
Week 4 Compilation
Captain Tom Super Hero
The Green Side
The black and white cartoon was done for Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday and a greetings card was created from this and sent to him.
Bake Off Challenge Week 4, A Meringue Easter Bonnet.
Left Behind
One Sided
NHS Week 5
Christmas Stick Insect
Animal Heavy Metal Band
Rachel's Squiggle Draw
Mark's Squiggle Draw
Rachel's drawing of Mark
Mark's drawing of Rachel